NDC Error Report Tool

NDC Listing Errors

NDC listing errors are NDCs that are either missing or listed incorrectly on one or more of the following databases: FDA Orange Book, CMS Medicare, CMS Medicaid, Redbook, Medispan, FDB, or Gold Standard.

 Missing or incorrect NDCs may lead to prescriptions or claims for your product being denied or not appearing on a providers practice management software so they are unable to order the product.

NDC Pricing Errors

NDC pricing errors are NDCs that appear to have pricing errors or inconsistencies with one or more of the following databases, Redbook, FDB, Medispan, Gold Standard, Medicare ASP

Incorrect or missing pricing data for an NDC can cause claims to be rejected or paid incorrectly

NDC-HCPCS alignment errors

NDC to HCPCS alignment errors are NDCs that appear to be misaligned to an incorred HCPCS code by CMS, Redbook, FDB, Medispand or Gold Standard

NDCs that are not aligned to the correct HPCCS will cause claims for that product to reject.

NDC Approval Status Error (NDA, ANDA, BLA)

NDC approval status errors involve NDCs that appear to have discrepancies between the FDA approval type listing and the compendia approval type listing

This may cause your product to be incorrectly treated as a generic or brand when the opposite is true. This may impact formulary, coverage and reimbursement rates.

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