NDC Watch enables drug manufacturers to monitor all of their product listings on key pricing and coding databases used by payers, pharmacies and providers. Using a sophisticated database, NDC Watch grants users access to millions of drug information data points making it easy to identify errors and omissions across multiple listings in real time.

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Our system continuously monitors the following key databases

Using NDCWatch: Ensure the Accurate Listing of NDCs in Pricing Compendia and Government Databases

Verify NDC Price Listings

Confirm listed NDCs are Covered Under Medicaid

Authenticate NDC Effective Date Listings

Ensure NDCs are Cross-Walked to the Appropriate HCPCS Code

As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, the monitoring of NDC information can be both time-consuming and expensive. NDCWatch provides an all-in-one database where manufacturers can view NDC listed information for their products across a variety of major information sources. This enables the manufacturer to easily identify information errors and omissions across their drug listings. 

Leaving NDC listing errors unchecked can lead to payment and reimbursement errors. Claims denials can frustrate providers and patients, hurting your drug’s reputation and sales potential. 

The NDC Code is the Key...

The NDC, or National Drug Code, is a unique 10-digit or 11-digit, 3-segment number, and a universal product identifier for human drugs in the United States

These codes are the identifiers used by payers, providers, claims adjudicators, and disease state managers to identify and manage prescription drugs. Pharmacy claims systems use the NDC code to identify all key drug information except the number of units dispensed which are entered by the pharmacist. 

Any errors in the data associated with the NDC may cause significant problems for the patients, providers, and payers. Potential issues could include:

  • Pricing Errors
  • Effective Date Errors
  • Incorrect Dosage Formulation
  • Active Ingredient Errors
  • DEA Scheduling Errors
  • Strength Errors
  • Unit Errors
  • Misrepresentation in FDA Marketing Approval Category

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